I found what I coined “Copper Lake” after hiking through the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest. It was nestled between majestic mountains like a secret that nature wants to keep all to itself. The way the sunlight danced on the shimmering water, casting a mesmerizing coppery hue, left me thinking that even Beyonce would be jealous of that flawless lighting. So, I took out my phone and clicked away like a paparazzo on the red carpet.

When it came time to paint it, I couldn’t help but ponder the importance of taking a break to appreciate the wonders that nature has to offer. It’s like the saying goes, “stop and smell the roses,” except I stopped and painted Copper Lake.

My hope was that the painting would inspire people to venture out into the world and discover the magic of nature on their own terms. So, go forth, my friends, and let Copper Lake’s enchanting essence transport you to a world of wonder and beauty that lies hidden in nature’s most unassuming corners. Because who knows what other magical secrets Mother Nature is keeping from us?