I remember it like it was yesterday. I was perched on the couch, munching on kale chips and questioning the meaning of life when suddenly, an old Jimi Hendrix song started playing on my playlist. The hypnotic riffs and mesmerizing melodies struck a chord deep within me, for life.

What if the legend himself, Jimi Hendrix, was a cosmic sorcerer? A wielder of electric voodoo, his custom new age guitar a conduit for mystical energy that transcended the boundaries of our world? With that question pulsating in my mind, I felt an irresistible urge to create a visual tribute to the legend and the enigmatic force that defined his music. The artwork features a guitar designed just for Jimi, not one of those weird upside down looking guitars..

And so, “Electric ‘Voodoo” was born. A striking masterpiece that captures the intensity of Jimi’s passion, the luminous colors of his psychedelic world, and the rich textures that resonated in every note he played. A true masterpiece, this oil painting-style art invites viewers to dive into the powerful, evocative atmosphere of Jimi’s music and ponder the untold depths of his soul. To my fellow Jimi Hendrix lovers, I present this piece as a portal into the mind of the legendary guitarist. A glimpse into the realm where electric voodoo is unleashed, and the echoes of Jimi’s guitar reverberate through time and space.