As an artist, my heart swells with emotion when I think about the interplay of colors and textures. Aqua and yellow, my two favorite colors, have always captivated me like donuts and coffee. 😊 Aqua, the essence of boundless energy flowing infinitely, and yellow, the warm embrace of the sun, create a dynamic combination that seriously stirs my soul. I often joke about painting everything in aqua if I could, a testament to my deep-rooted obsession.

My love for collecting feathers began in childhood, each delicate plume evoking a sense of awe and reverence for nature’s artistry. As my collection grew, it became not just an assemblage of treasures, but a deeply personal flashback of cherished memories and creative ideas.

One day, a powerful idea took shape in my mind—to create an artwork that would bring together the rich impasto strokes I loved so much with delicate feather-like forms.

As I began creating this piece, each stroke was carefully sculpted to resemble airy feathers, weaving together the two best colors ever, into a graceful tango.