As an artist, I often find myself waking through the wilderness, searching for inspiration like a treasure hunter seeking gold. And one day, as I wandered through a picturesque landscape near my hometown, I had a moment of sudden clarity – I had absolutely no idea what I was doing with my life.

So just as I was about to give up and trudge back to civilization, a little critter scampered up a nearby tree. It was a squirrel, with beady eyes and a fluffy tail, and he stopped for a moment, almost like he was posing for the camera. “Hey there, Allan!” he seemed to say. “Take my picture!”
Well, I couldn’t resist such an adorable and photogenic subject. I whipped out my camera and snapped a few shots. The only problem? The squirrel was quicker than Usain Bolt, and he disappeared before I could get a proper portrait.

But the photos turned out to be pure magic, and they inspired me to paint this watercolor. As I worked on this one, I found myself lost in the woods – both literally and metaphorically – pondering the direction of my own life.

And then it hit me like a falling acorn – maybe that’s the whole point. Maybe life is about embracing the unknown, enjoying the journey even when we’re not sure where we’re headed. Maybe the squirrel had the right idea all along – just living in the moment, without worrying about the destination.