Oil Paintings

Feathered Fusion


As an artist, my heart swells with emotion when I think about the interplay of colors and textures. Aqua and yellow, my two favorite colors, have always captivated me like donuts and coffee. 😊 Aqua, the essence of boundless energy flowing infinitely, and yellow, the warm embrace of the ...



One fateful summer day, I found myself strolling through the local farmer's market, mesmerized by the colorful fruits and tantalizing coffee scents that enveloped me. As I meandered between the stalls, my eyes caught sight of a peculiar flower vendor. Her stall overflowed with flowers unlike anything I ...

Flamingo Flowers


I was taking my daily stroll through the park, pondering life's imponderables, when I was struck by the absurdity of a pelican attempting to eat a hot dog bun off the ground. It's uncanny how life can imitate art, or in this case, art can imitate life. While ...

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